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nubi.010 020200 energy  mp3
 38 273 024 bits
  020200 is a soundartist who came along by boat. he first was some distant, but then the nubi-energy flowed through his body and we all had together a big nubi-party.
 hifi mp3
nubi.009 projekt pollen klangraum &
the chord sand
 49 152 000 bits
 59 393 024 bits
  projekt pollen live by the knolls in the ochre landscapes of nubiland. both talk very much, but when they come to music, everything is getting quiet. they're working on a device to give heavenly emotion to the people.
 hifi mp3
nubi.008 scop orecon  mp3
 56 082 432 bits
  scop found the orecon, they drove and drove. sienna dust on the dashboard, scanning the horizons.
 hifi mp3
nubi.007 pood luminience  mp3
 22 070 272 bits
  pood digged in a hole and found a real glowing thing.
 hifi mp3
nubi.006 [in]anace stuck in between  mp3
 51 590 321 bits
  [in]anace snoozed between real fine pillows and in wonderful warm feelings
we wrap ourselves when we're lost in between.
 hifi mp3
nubi.005 orpheus &
still in the same old planar  mp3
 46 743 552 bits
  martin saunders and orpheus took a ride in their good old spacecraft flying along familiar stars and watching...
 hifi mp3
nubi.004 martin saunders stories without voices  mp3
 34 717 696 bits
  martin saunders made a view to incredible heights from ground of the most beautiful scapes!
 hifi mp3
nubi.003 orpheus maise  mp3
 19 891 928 bits
  orpheus tells us a story of open spaces
 hifi mp3
nubi.002 scop voice atari  mp3
 42 582 016 bits
  scop rumble through cascades of colors
 hifi mp3
nubi.001 scop nubiproof  mp3
 29 786 112 bits
  imagine a land where everyone's happy. got unlimited lifes. unlimited time. colors everywhere. huge landscapes. fascinating creatures. all nice and cosy.
the people living there play music. they call 'em nubitunes.
 hifi mp3