we suggest a warm couch and a headphone !  

try to imagine a land where everyone's happy. got unlimited lifes. unlimited time. colors everywhere. huge landscapes. fascinating creatures. all nice and cosy.
the people living there play music. they call 'em nubitunes.

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July 2002 1 tune released
21.07> nubi.010
you hear a floating bass and strange voices from far beyond. then surprisingly there's the energy. watched and descibed by 020200 in nubi.010
May 2002 2 tunes released || good weather
15.05> nubi.009
here in nubiland we have many special characters. everyone is talking nicely to you. projekt pollen are two of them. they are born and raised by the brown hills, good sheltered against bad energies. get your cuddle in nubi.009
Dez 2001 don´t you know it´s christmas
17.12> nubi.008
if you listen to orecon you know where scop was in the last few months! they discovered very hidden places, found the orecon, grabbed and fed their sample machine with it in nubi.008
Apr 2001 2 tunes released
25.04> nubi.007
pood wanders mostly across the empty scales of nubiproof-land. we see him rarely. when, then by coincidence or when he's in town.

07.04> nubi.006
[in]anace shows his emotional side. there is surprisingly much room for sensitive feelings.
Mar 2001

nubiproofs first boot || 5 tunes released

17.03> nubi.005

it's no secret that travel is in nubi like everywhere. spacecrafts allover delivering people from here to there. orpheus and martin saunders took a ride at nubi.005

06.03> nubi.001 - 004
on 060301 we started this webplace after a hard designing process with a fine 4 track release.

nubi.001 "nubiproof" is like the title suggests a version of a typical nubimood scop we ´re in.

in nubi.002 scop managed their experience with the voice atari soft flight system, based in a beautiful landscape just next to our metropolis. they experimented with special full filter color goggles.

in fact, orpheus can tell such lovely stories! he just made nubi.003. the wise and fine construcion of this fairy tale lets us hope that u believe this nubitale of maise, too.
...WE can't !!

martin saunders, a gifted from ireland, completes our nubistartup with nubi.004 for that you know what nubi's all about. listen to this whenever you´re in a bad mood. i swear it will help!
Jan 2001 nubi entered your universe
  nubiproof finally found a way to get in contact with the people on the so called "earth" by making first footsteps in the world wide internet. we acquired nubiproof.net


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